Healthy gut foods for breakfast by ap

  • Healthy gut foods for breakfast 

    5 foods that will help you to improve your gut  health are:-
    1. Papaya:-

  •  Papayas contain an enzyme called papain that aids digestion and
    improve gut health2. Probiotic curd rice:-

  • Probiotic curd rice contains bacteria called lactobacillus bulgaricus. These bacteria
    helps to grow good gut bacteria3. Fermented pickles:-
  • Homemade pickles are high in particular types of fibre that feed beneficial gut bacteria4. Vegetable juice:-
  •  Vegetable juices help increase the
    Phascolarctobacterium faecium and Bacteroides plebeius (good bacteria ) in your gut5. Chiya pudding:- 
  • Nutrients present in chia seeds help to increase the number of good bacteria,
    reduce the number of bad bactera, and improve the gut lining.
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